There are many of us who proclaim themselves to be animal lovers. There are those whose faces shine when they see cute puppies or kittens in the pet shop. Then, there are those who can’t bear the sight of a wandering dog or cat in the streets and bring the poor critters into their homes and adopt them. So which is which when it comes to animal lovers? Here are several signs you can look for to find a true animal lover.

  1. Your house is can pass for a zoo or pet shop.

Your current house may not have a wide lawn or backyard for accommodating many animals, but you openly welcome critters who happen to visit your humble abode.

  1. You strictly live by the policy “adopt, don’t shop”

You’re someone who would rescue abandoned dogs and cats or spot one faster than a dog catcher. You have the commendable effort of giving abandoned animals a new home and family.

  1. Or devote time visit your local shelters to either volunteer, adopt or care for the poor animals

You feel that deep kind of happiness and fulfillment after the visit. Sometimes you wish you had stayed longer or wish you could have taken all the animals home with you.

  1. You oppose the idea of wild animals in zoos and think animals in captivity is inhumane.

You may be one of those who think animals placed in captivity, especially those who are put in enclosures that are poor substitutes of their natural habitats, are like prisoners. You’d rather set them free than see them miserable inside their cages.

  1. You feel happy seeing animal-oriented programs

You’re likely part of the Nat Geo Wild or Animal Planet TV buffs club. Your day won’t be complete without seeing programs about wildlife, especially programs of conservation efforts and scenes of wildlife or habitat re-introduction make you feel giddy and warm inside.

  1. You cringe at the site animal death in a show or movie, even if you know it’s theatrical

You would sometimes lose your cool or be visibly disturbed about horses, dogs and wild animals getting killed in the movies.

  1. You are very much against fur coats and other animal-derived accessories and fashion items.

You’re that someone who wishes you hadn’t seen the latest fashion trend of mink coats and leopard-skin dresses on TV. You would picture out how many of the poor wild animals had to die just to make one fur coat. You would wonder how many elephants or rhinos had to die to make an ivory furniture, an ivory sculpture or a set of ivory billiard balls.


  1. You love animals: every kind and species, because that’s what animal lovers do

You are one of those select few who love every kind of animals: from small insects and critters to medium and large sized pets and wild animals.

  1. And you love pets like family and treat them like one.

You bring your dogs with you to bed and playfully cuddle and hug them. Before bedtime, you tuck each of them to sleep in their favorite spots in house: near the sofa, at the foot of your bed or inside their custom-made doghouses.

  1. The death of your pet is like losing a family member.

You shed tears for your dear pet like losing a family member. You give them a proper burial, even funeral just to show your love for them even in their death.

  1. You have seriously considered pursuing a career that pertains to animals

As a child, you may have dreamed of becoming a vet or a wildlife biologist or you are currently on your way to become one. Even if you currently do not have such a career, you still go out of your way to help animals in any way you can.

The list could go on when it come to being a true animal lover. And even if you find yourself agreeing to at least three of these items, you already have the heart of a true animal lover. So kudos to all animal lovers out there.

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