Things always heat up in the animal lovers group as ceaseless arguments about the best pets start from time to time. The battle of supremacy between pet lovers is never-ending. Every pet lover holds conviction as to why their pet is the best and oftentimes, we hear this kind of arguments between dog lovers and cat lovers since these two species are the most common animals to keep around.

Now while obviously, a dog’s personality is distinct from a cat’s, studies have also shown that being a dog lover has its differences, in many aspects, with a cat lover. These may be a reason why some people like cats while others prefer dogs. From a scientific standpoint, these differences, or at least ten of them, have been tackled and presented here. But now before everyone gets roused by this list and sparks rivalries, the studies were conducted with a limited number of participants and thus, the results does not necessarily hold true to all people.

  1. Cat lovers are more intelligent.

A new study conducted by Carroll University in Wisconsin showed that cat lovers scored higher on intelligence than dog lovers. In a personality experiment, 600 students were surveyed about their pet preferences and then were given a slew of questions. Sixty percent identified themselves as ‘dog people’ and 11% preferred the felines, while the rest chose neither or both. While there are more canine lovers, the cat lovers scored higher on an intelligence test. A previous study conducted by the University of Bristol last 2010 resonated the same result.

  1. Dog people keep things lively while cat lovers are introverted.

The same study by Carroll University also noted that majority of the students who preferred dogs over cats were more outgoing while the cat lovers were sensitive and introverted. Denise Guastello, associate professor of psychology at Carroll University, said “It makes sense that a dog person is going to be livelier, because they’re going to want to be out there, outside, talking to people, bringing their dog. Whereas, if you’re more introverted, and sensitive, maybe you’re more at home reading a book, and your cat doesn’t need to go outside for a walk.”

  1. Dog lovers value companionship while cat lovers appreciate affection.

Guastello asked the participants of the study the qualities they most appreciate in their choice of pet and the canine-lover group put companionship on the top of the list. The cat people said the affection they get from their kitties is what they appreciate the most.

  1. Cat lovers tend to ignore rules while dog lovers are obedient.

Guastello’s personality-based experiment showed that cat people were described as more open-minded, independent and non-conformist while dog lovers followed the rules more closely. This may be related to the perception that dogs are obedient creatures while cats are usually uninterested. Guastello believes that people tend to gravitate to what they find is similar to them. “It’s possible that people may select pets based on their own personality.”

  1. Dog people are more outgoing.

This doesn’t come surprising as dogs have been viewed as sociable animals. Dogs love companies and would spend more time with people. Guastello’s study also showed that dog owners exhibit the same trait. Since they need to take their pets outside, normally, they will have the opportunity to socialize. Cat owners, on the other hand, tend to be less outgoing similar to their pets.

  1. Cat lovers prefer to be alone.

A study by Modern Dog magazine showed that cat lovers were one-third more likely to live alone than dog owners and twice as likely to live in an apartment or flat. Dog people prefer to live with a family in a house. The result seemed reasonable considering that people who own cats tend to be introverted. The study also showed that single women are the most likely to have a cat.

  1. Dog people are dominant people.

According to the same study by Modern Dog magazine, dog owners exhibited high on dominance. They are described as self-confident, assertive, forceful, persistent and self-assured. Cat people, on the other hand, are relatively low in dominance. They are the people who come across as being more timid, bashful, unaggressive, and shy as oppose to dog lovers who are the kind of people who usually stand out in a social gathering.

  1. Dog owners are happier.

Manhattanville College in New York conducted a study among 263 American adults exploring the relationship between pet ownership and positive aspects of mental health. A wide series of online surveys were given to the participants and it revealed that overall, dog owners are significantly happier than cat owners. Dog owners exhibited a greater number of positive emotions while cat owners are more likely to experience frequent negative emotions.

  1. Cat owners have lesser friends than dog owners.

A survey conducted by an insurer Direct Line from the United Kingdom showed that 29% of the dog owners have met more friends while walking their pets. This seemed to be the case since 52% of the Britons perceive that people with dogs are friendlier when they meet one while walking. A Facebook study, which gathered information from 160,000 Facebook users who shared photos of cats and dogs in the U.S., echoed the same result. On average, dog people have 26 more friends than cat people.

  1. Dog owners are more likely to be in a relationship.

This seemed to be related with the above statement, since dog people are more outgoing. The same study conducted by Facebook revealed that 24% percent of dog people are in a relationship while 30% percent of the cat owners said they are single. Also, they have found out that dog people are hopeless romantics. They tend to like love stories and books about dogs while cat people prefer sci-fi and fantasy tales.


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