Behold, a furry…
and royal adventure!

Join the royal pups as they confront the mischievous monkey.

Price: 24.14
Book Format: Hardcover

Annie Pooh, Princess Pup, Monkey Shines

(Annie Pooh and MarLee Meet Sangee the Monkey)

Annie Pooh, and MarLee have never seen a monkey before they meet Sangee. The two royal Lhasa apsos are outraged by the monkey’s very bad manners. Soon the badly behaved Sangee leads Annie Pooh and MarLee on a merry chase through the Palace as the pups look for lost and stolen items which belong to the princess.

Steven E. Farkas

One day, Dr. Steven E. Farkas, a former university science professor, decided that his two Lhasa Apso dogs, Annie Pooh and MarLee, should have some fairy-tale adventures in ancient China. Thus the Princess Pup series of adventure tales was born. Dr. Farkas lives with his family, including Annie Pooh and MarLee, in Spokane, Washington.

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